Welcome to INFOHUT

INFOHUT is a LUCSA project initiated by a team of young IT professionals for the youths targeting to impart professional skills through a program which integrates Information Technology and HIV –AIDS, prevention Care and treatment. The INFOHUT program combines instructor-led, online education with computer laboratory exercises to enable students to have a better understanding of computers. INFOHUT works hand in hand with its partners like schools and colleges, businesses, health organisations, international organizations, unions and government agencies.

Our Partners


LUCSA Communion Office: +27 11 979 7142 , ELCRN –ELCAP Office: +264 62 52 5237 , ELCM Head Office: +265 (0) 882588189 , ELCZ Head Office: +263 9 254991/2 , E-mail: communications2@lucsa.org